So today’s mini challenge? Make your own Haiku-za. Flaunt your inner gangster by making a gang style haiku.

So for those of you who are not familiar with a haiku, it is a Japanese poetry style that is made up of 3 lines and 17 syllables usually broken up into a 5 syllable line, followed by a 7 syllable line, followed by another 5 syllable line.

For example:

The Family knows / Don’t worry it is discreet / given concrete feet

Play it up with your own gangster (or gangsta) style. Maybe jump on over to Urban Dictionary for some choice verbage.

Have fun!!


About Kirk

I enjoy life and have been blessed with many different experiences. An eye for the underlying truths that surround me accompanies a growing faith in Christ and God that informs my world and reveals small miracles and beauty surrounding me every day. This is the major reason I felt led to start Dance of 2 Companies - a dance studio where I can share all the little amazing things God's taught me through life as a dancer - about myself, about others, about marriage... and most importantly, about Him.
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