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“real” doesn’t skate

Yesterday I happened upon an interview of India Arie in which she was asked what advice she would give to girls aspiring to do what she does. The message that rang clear to me was “Be true to yourself”, or … Continue reading

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to touch a sense of child like awe

The wording is a bit rough, but those words sum it up fairly nicely. I am beginning to think that this is one of the highest achievements of art or storytelling. It is something I hope to do with my … Continue reading

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a fun idea & starting anew

Nearly a month has passed since my last post here which is somewhat troubling. The desire to post more is there, but the actual activity is lacking. So, this is an act of starting anew with this post in hopes … Continue reading

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mind meanderings & a writing exercise

I’ve begun a month of writing work. By work, I mean an attempt to work a set number of hours a day on writing projects. Two days in I’m still getting a handle on it, but the results have been … Continue reading

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