you could go with this, or you could go with that… find ‘you’

Recently Stephen Watkins over at the Undiscovered Author posted several interesting links including a gem from author Myke Cole. If you have a second, I’d definitely recommend taking a moment to read the things he’s learned in his first year as a full time writer. A smile will slowly spread across your face.

That article became yet one more reminder to me that method is important, but not that important. We’re all wired differently. We are motivated differently. We process differently. We organize ideas differently. We work differently. Our methods, the manner in which we prioritize, organize and carry out necessary tasks and ideas to accomplish a goal, are as delightfully varied as we are.

Why does this matter?

First off, I believe that freedom lay in that knowledge. Freedom from fear of doing work the ‘wrong’ way. Freedom from judgment by others for approaching things differently. Freedom from the pressure to change how I do things after reading any and every book on writing by an author I idolize. Even better, that freedom frees others. We’ve all experienced people in our lives who truly believe their way is the best way, and quite possibly the only way. Understanding this truth prevents me from becoming one of those people.

When it comes down to it, the key component is work. Do the work. How you go about the work is your method. Development of method is a process. One likely littered with far more failure than success. We learn from others’ methods and theft in this regard is perfectly acceptable. If it works for you, use it. We learn from our own experience. Try it. Test it. If it works keep it. If it doesn’t, toss it. In the process, that picture of ‘you’ will take shape in your methodology. And being you, that’s a pretty incredible place to be creatively.

After all, it takes all kinds. Cheers!

About Kirk

I enjoy life and have been blessed with many different experiences. An eye for the underlying truths that surround me accompanies a growing faith in Christ and God that informs my world and reveals small miracles and beauty surrounding me every day. This is the major reason I felt led to start Dance of 2 Companies - a dance studio where I can share all the little amazing things God's taught me through life as a dancer - about myself, about others, about marriage... and most importantly, about Him.
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1 Response to you could go with this, or you could go with that… find ‘you’

  1. Jenny says:

    I agree. I wish I had written more in that pure, unafraid to be wrong way before I started “learning to write.” I think the right method for me would be more apparent that way.

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