just how strong is this guy?

Just before I left for Fandomfest the final vote, made by a spinning coin, decided the answer of the second question. So with two questions down we’ve decided that the source of magic in our world is supernatural and that it’s not for everyone. Only a select few can use it. This brings us to our next question – a question of power.

In answering this question, we will establish a scale of maximum and/or minimum power. We may find that a skilled magical warrior is no more effective than a well trained fighter with no magic, or we may find them capable of wiping out entire armies. (Note: Avoid the temptation to do more than muse on how they do this at this point. We’re not there yet. As always, keep it extremely simple. The details will come.)

In order to answer this question, draw a line with 7 points on it. Starting from the left, mark these points with the following numbers: 1, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500. These numbers represent warriors with no magical skill. Choose a number to represent the maximum number of warriors a single magic user can successfully face in combat, and choose a number for the minimum. This will give us a relative standard of measure from which to assess what he or she can and cannot do.

A couple little details in making this assessment. First of all, establish the level of competence you are comparing. Is this the pinnacle of talent for both magical and martial, or is this average vs. average. For our purposes today, I’d like you to use a grade scale for talent. If A is best and C is average, let’s imagine our scale as the comparison between B magicians and B fighters. Secondly, other scales can be made for greater detail if it’s needed.

Finally, here is how we are going to decide our own standard of measure. I’d like for each person to list their three top choices placing them in order of preference. Preference will effect the overall vote, so please make sure to mark first through third. Each person will vote twice in this way – once for maximum and once for minimum.

Max:                                     Min:

1 – 1                                        1 – 1

2 – 50                                    2 – 10

3 – 500                                  3 – 100

That’s all there is to it. Look forward to hearing from you!



About Kirk

I enjoy life and have been blessed with many different experiences. An eye for the underlying truths that surround me accompanies a growing faith in Christ and God that informs my world and reveals small miracles and beauty surrounding me every day. This is the major reason I felt led to start Dance of 2 Companies - a dance studio where I can share all the little amazing things God's taught me through life as a dancer - about myself, about others, about marriage... and most importantly, about Him.
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9 Responses to just how strong is this guy?

  1. Don’t hurt me, but I’m a little combuzzled. So if I don’t have this right, I apologize and will make the changes necessary. Migraines are evil and dyslexia is at the forefront atm. However, I’m gonna give this a try. I want the max to be 3 and min to 1 and I think our person should be B on martial skill and C on magical. I am doing this because I’m tired of the uber hero, I’d rather they have some skills and combined can up the ante but not so as they are beyond powerful. Because we are pushing the boundaries and growing (at least I’m trying) and I’m curious to see how this will impact our character and story.

  2. southerndreamer says:

    What if he/she can’t actually hit a single person? What if the max was Anne’s 3, but the minimum was also 3? So if it was bad, and good guys were close, they’d get hit too.

    • Kirk says:

      Great ideas and ones very similar to some of my own. However these flow forth from having a minimum and are a little more detail that we’re ready for. I would place these in the category of cost that we will be discussing in the next question. So hold on to them because it’s coming! To vote, write a line similar to a time line or a ruler placing the numbers listed in the post on it. These numbers begin with 1, 3, 5 and so on. Using these numbers vote three times for a min/max combination. See the example I gave you. Look forward to your reply and enjoying where this is going!

  3. Okay then…

    Min Max
    1 3
    2 4
    3 5

    I’d still like overall to go with Min 1 and Max 3. But I gave you other choices just cause you wanted them. lololol

    However, if going to enact Hilaire’s idea which is a radius effect, I’d almost like to see it not matter who is good and who isn’t, just apply it to the radius and let it rip. Of course if supernatural, could also only apply to a certain type of creature/human but I’m sure that’s somewhere up the line lololol

    I does allow for those traveling with our intrepid hero/heroine to learn and come to shield themselves or create something that shields them, or it makes it interesting if they are forgetful and the magic goes off. It’s kinda like wild magic in D&D.

    • Kirk says:

      With so few people voting, I needed a way to handle a scale with seven different choices. So your first preference will be assigned 3 votes, your second 2, and your third only 1. Hopefully it will give a definitive vote for the scope of power. By the way, love the ideas. Hold on to them, they can play into things later and the things being thrown around are a natural flow of ideas suggested by establishing a max and min for power. Note, also that I am adjusting your responses to fit the the scale I gave in the post. It will be minor adjustments. Since there are no options for 2 and 4, I will make your second 3, 5 and your third 5, 10 which follows the given scale. Let me know if this is OK. 8)

  4. LOLOLOLOL As you wish. ::rolls down the hill::

  5. southerndreamer says:

    I’m just going to pick one for each….less confusing.
    Min Max
    1 5

    • Kirk says:

      You know there is a method to my madness. But the two of you have given enough response that I think I know where to take it in a way that will please you & Anne and delight your muses.

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