What’s in the box?

My name is Kirk Stevens and this creative space is one more step on a journey that began a little over 3 years ago when I volunteered to lead a monthly writer’s group meeting and chose creativity as my topic. Since then, I’ve been walking a path of discovery as I seek to put knowledge into practice through play!

It’s led me to believe that creativity flows from identity. You’ve surely heard the phrase, “Think outside the box!”, but this box is an abstraction. It is the result of a collective average. The more time I spent thinking about this concept, the more I realized that it is not possible to think outside the box because the box is made up of the whole of our knowledge and experience. Creation requires tools and materials and we can’t build with resources we do not have. So, I reasoned, If I intend to create bigger and better things, then I need a bigger box!

Creative exploration and play are becoming a way of life for me as I seek to expand my “box”. Through various projects and exercises I am challenging and stretching myself. It is this journey that I invite you to join me in. It is here in this space that I hope to share both the challenges that I myself am taking and the results, both good and bad, of those endeavors. I’m also looking forward to sharing what insights are gained along the way.

With that, welcome to [my]cube! I hope you’ll join me and that you too will explore, create and expand!

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