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I’m beginning to learn the importance of this one, simple word. Celebration is a powerful tool for life, and I believe it is especially so when it comes to creative endeavors. Not long ago I was faced with an unexpected … Continue reading

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A Review: Fandomfest 2012

I’d have to state that my overall experience at Fandomfest this year deserves about a 7 out of 10. Overall, it was a great experience that provided some much needed information and introductions to some great people! And as always, … Continue reading

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diversity in structure…

Last night we celebrated one of our pastors as he and his family prepare to embark on a new journey elsewhere. As the night progressed a wonderful image began to take shape as accolades were both received and given. Each … Continue reading

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MidsouthCon30 & my online monster

It’s here! MidsouthCon XXX has come and starting tomorrow I’ll be back in a world of people I love. I’ll be standing in the midst of nerds, geeks, misfits and dreamers. Here are a few expected highlights: Literary Guest of … Continue reading

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a full tummy and the ninja gnome…

Well, last night’s stew was excellent. So it’s now 2 for 2 on good food when everyone involved has a hand in the cooking. Looking for a quick list of ingredients? Well, off the top of my head it was … Continue reading

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daily play – helping others

Good morning! Today’s challenge is simple. Go out of your way to help someone. It can be anything from the age old classic of helping an old lady to cross the road to buying someone lunch. Maybe it’s a trip … Continue reading

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my own personal cheer squad

Artists are incredibly strong people. Artists are incredibly fragile people. The knife cuts both ways. We are at one moment ready to face the world and anything it might throw at us, and in the next shuddering under the burden … Continue reading

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