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reasons to create…

“Since it is so likely that [children] will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker.”                                                      – C.S. Lewis I … Continue reading

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looking for a reason

Musings this week left me wondering just how often we make ignorance an excuse for not chasing our joys and dreams. I am a Christian, and as such, I want to do God’s will. Unfortunately, my life growing up in … Continue reading

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I’m beginning to learn the importance of this one, simple word. Celebration is a powerful tool for life, and I believe it is especially so when it comes to creative endeavors. Not long ago I was faced with an unexpected … Continue reading

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A Review: Fandomfest 2012

I’d have to state that my overall experience at Fandomfest this year deserves about a 7 out of 10. Overall, it was a great experience that provided some much needed information and introductions to some great people! And as always, … Continue reading

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you could go with this, or you could go with that… find ‘you’

Recently Stephen Watkins over at the Undiscovered Author posted several interesting links including a gem from author Myke Cole. If you have a second, I’d definitely recommend taking a moment to read the things he’s learned in his first year … Continue reading

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what’s just around the corner

While I wait for more voices to chime in on Question 1 in the Magic Building Series, I’d like to share something I’ve been learning as the past week has progressed. Over the past couple weeks I set out to … Continue reading

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bearing the marks of life…

A couple days ago I was visiting one of my favorite stops in Memphis, Le Fleur. It conjures up images of an apothecary’s cottage. Wood and stone mark out the boundaries of structured clutter in this quaint flower shop, each … Continue reading

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