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where do I go from here? part 2

I threw out some initial ideas in answer to this question in the previous post. Now, I’m going to take it a little further in hopes of showing you more of how story develops from your world, and specifically here, … Continue reading

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so where do I go from here?

What is it that happens when we’ve come to the end of our 5 questions? We ask more questions! It isn’t exactly a profound answer, but it is honest. In a moment, I’ll sum up the skeleton we created through … Continue reading

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Question #5: How do you do that again?

We’ve arrived at the final question in our quest for a system of magic. How do the people of our world use magic? Now, before we address the question, we need to remind ourselves of what we’ve done thus far. … Continue reading

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… and what’s this going to cost me? (Question 4)

Having seen the ideas thrown around in the comments regarding question 3, I’m setting the answer for scope of power at 5 and 3. To clarify, when an above average spell caster goes up against above average opponents with no … Continue reading

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just how strong is this guy?

Just before I left for Fandomfest the final vote, made by a spinning coin, decided the answer of the second question. So with two questions down we’ve decided that the source of magic in our world is supernatural and that … Continue reading

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two things…

One, it is convention time once again and I am looking forward to my second time at Fandomfest in Louisville, KY. It promises to be a great time and I promise to return bearing news from the con front. Fandomfest … Continue reading

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Who’s special?

I hope you’ll forgive my absence. A combination of work and life has left me spent and without much time or energy for blogging. On the upside, we now have enough feedback to move forward. The Origin for this little … Continue reading

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